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Parent Voice

At Marden Lodge we value parent voice and welcome your opinions and suggestions. One way we do this is through the Parents' Forum. There is a representative from each class, this group make up the Parents' Forum. We meet once a half term.

What is a Parent Forum?

The Parents' Forum is a separate body supporting the school alongside the PTA (which focusses on the fundraising and social side of school) and the governing body (which addresses the strategic direction and statutory functions of the school).

Aims of the Parent Forum.

The Parent Forum is:

  • a vehicle for seeking parental views and perspectives on day-to-day school matters
  • an opportunity to share the positive work of the school
  • a forum for bringing common concerns to the attention of the school's leadership
  • a forum for the leadership of the school to explain why and how some decisions have been made
  • a mechanism for improved communication between and across the school community
  • an opportunity to gain parent views and expectations on relevant policies and practices


Due to the current COVID restrictions we are not running Parent Forums, but will be putting in place alternative arrangements for seeking Parent Voice.