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Puffins Wrap Around Care

Breakfast Club is open from 7.30am every morning, with breakfast served between 8.00am - 8.30am.  At the end of the school day the afterschool club is open until 6.00pm with a light tea being served between 4.00pm - 5.00pm.

Staff working in Breakfast & Afterschool Club receive training as Play Leaders as well as child care, because we feel it’s important to recognise that children need to take risks in order to learn.


  • Motivate your children to explore the inside and outside environment and take part in physical games & challenges
  • Create opportunities which will support children at play
  • Encourage communication skills and social interaction
  • Promote cultural tolerance and understanding
  • Support a sense of social responsibility by being good role models
  • Actively promote inclusion and show no tolerance to exclusion

Our Holiday Playschemes take into consideration the need for children to take risks because, as parents, our instinct is to keep our children safe, and sometimes this means that we can over protect them from experiences that help them to develop self-esteem & resilience. Children need to learn to manage risks and acquire life skills because statistics show that in today’s environment children are taking less exercise and becoming unfit, overweight and less able to assess risk.

Sedentary entertainments like TV and computer games are proving to have a detrimental effect on the development of children’s social skills and their ability to play, therefore at Puffis we will give your children every opportunity to play, explore and take up challenges.

By believing that play:

  • Promotes children’s development, learning, creativity and independence
  • Keeps children healthy and active – active children become active adults
  • Fosters social inclusion
  • Allows children to find out about themselves, their abilities and their interests
  • Is therapeutic - helping children to deal with difficult or painful circumstances, such as emotional stress or medical treatment
  • Gives children the chance to let off steam and have fun

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