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Reading is an essential life and learning skill. Once our pupils have developed their phonic and decoding skills to an appropriate level, they are given more complex books to read which develop their decoding and comprehension skills further. 

In class, we directly teach and then practise the skills and techniques to required to decode words and understand the meaning of texts. This focuses on the following skills:

  • Decoding words
  • Explaining new vocabulary
  • Retrieving information
  • Intrepreting information
  • Choice (looking at the choices made by the author/creator of the text)

We use a range of genres of texts, films and images to practise these skills so that we can become confident readers. 

Supporting Reading at Home

Below we have suggested some ways in which you can support your child's reading at home:

  • Read everyday. 10 - 15 minutes of daily reading will help your child to make really good progress. 
  • Let your child hold the book, encourage them to turn the pages.
  • Choose a book that your will both enjoy. 
  • It is ok to read a book that you have read before, this can build confidence and word recognition. 
  • If the child makes a mistake let them get to the end of the sentence before correcting them. This allows opportunities for self-correction.
  • Allow the child thinking time before helping (6-10 seconds). This helps to develop independence. 
  • Use lots of praise! Learning to read can be hard work so praise your child for their effort. 
  • If the child struggles on the same word throughout the text, then tell them rather than getting them to guess. 


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