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At Marden Lodge, we intend for all children to become secure and embed the basics of maths before moving on in their learning journey. By thoroughly understanding the underlying structure of number and making links, children can be confident to explain and apply their knowledge to a wide range of complex and challenging problems. The use of carefully chosen manipulatives supports children in their learning and exposes the underlying structure of number which enables a deep and embedded understanding. Children at Marden Lodge will have opportunities to explore mathematics and deepen their understanding across the curriculum. They will develop the skills to persevere at a problem, find creative solutions and be able to justify their thoughts.

Marden Lodge follows a Mastery approach to teaching Maths.This emphasises the importance of children gaining a deep and secure understanding of a concept or procedure before moving on. Maths lessons apply a Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract methodology in which Mathematical concepts and procedures are taught through the use of physical objects and pictorial representations,  alongside abstract equations. To develop our children’s thinking and reasoning skills, a discursive approach is strongly encouraged with the emphasis placed on the importance of children explaining their ideas and observations. Problem solving and reasoning activities are a key part of every lesson and children are always supported by a wide range of resources. 

Together Stronger

As part of the group of Chalklands schools, Maths Leads meet regularly to plan, share ideas and collaborate on projects together which will benefit all our pupils. We are all passionate about maths and ensuring that the children in our schools get the very best. We even enjoy a friendly Times Table Rockstars Battle across the four schools!


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