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Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Curriculum

The SMSC curriculum at Marden Lodge is rooted in our Thrive curriculum, British Values and the school's Star Values. Below are some of the ways in which we promoite SMSC throughout the school:

• The Star Values are embedded in every classroom.

• Weekly assemblies reflect the Star Values and promote British Values.

• Using real life contexts for learning: real vegetables at harvest time, making bread and eating it.

• Themes such as road-safety, anti-bullying, racism, kindness, relationships addressed throughout the year through planned opportunities and are incidental when the need arises.

• Learning about the differences between us, our families, abilities, beliefs and celebrations.

 • Valuing everybody equally, celebrating events from a range of different cultures. This includes visits from family members to share how they celebrate at home.

• Celebrating multi-faith festivals and special days through music, art, visits from parents.

• Talking and learning about the people who are special to them at home and outside their home.

• Classroom environments allow for children to use their imagination and creativity through outdoor/indoor provision including our Funky Forest and other outdoor areas.

• Thrive room (timetabled by Thrive Practitioner) allows for children to have indoor provision to use their imagination and express their emotions in a supportive way.

• Marden Lodge’s class expectations, rewards and consequences in each classroom. Understanding the difference between right and wrong.

 • Children have a worry monster in every classroom where children are encouraged to put their worries inside and the teacher responds to these (relates to Thrive actions plans)

• Residential trips that encourages taking risks, encouraging motivation and being independent.

• Links with the local community, rotary ambassadors and also linking with local charities and events.