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Marden Lodge recognises the importance of high quality Science teaching across the school. We want to provide children with the confidence to ask questions and find out more about the world around them. As they progress through the school, children will develop their scientific enquiry skills through child led and adult led investigations.

Each class will teach a new Science topic once a half term such as forces, light  or animals including humans. This ensures for a wide coverage and time to embed concepts and address any misconceptions. Many topics will be built on year after year to build on previous knowledge. At the end of each topic, there is an opportunity for children to self assess how confident they feel with each objective they have been taught.

All children will be exposed to the 5 enquiry skills which lessons will be based on. Through these types of enquiry children can work scientifically and learn how best to answer scientific questions.
During Spring term the GLF Science fair takes place at Marden Lodge. Year 1 children through to year 6 have the opportunity to showcase their scientific knowledge on an area of the National Curriculum. The children showcase their work to the school and then the lucky winners can go onto the GLF Grand Final with the opportunity to showcase their work to other schools, as well as the opportunity to meet different scientists who can help broaden their scientific knowledge and understanding.

Throughout their time at Marden Lodge children will be inquisitive and confident to tackle investigations in a curriculum that leaves them always wanting to know more! As children progress through the School they will be prepared to tackle whatever comes their way and will leave Primary School as confident scientists

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