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Physical Education

At Marden Lodge, we understand the importance and effect of an active lifestyle on health and wellbeing. We recognise that
Physical Education, delivered in a safe and supportive environment, is crucial to a child’s physical and emotional development and health.

We follow the Create Development Scheme of Work – Real PE. We are excited to be introducing Read Dance and Real Gym into the curriculum so as to further widen our children's PE and sport provision.

Real PE believes in giving EVERY child the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life and their lessons are designed to meet and cater for the new National Curriculum guidelines.

In Key Stage 1 -

Pupils should develop fundamental movement skills, become increasingly competent and confident and access a broad range of opportunities to extend their agility, balance and coordination, individually and with others. They should be able to engage in competitive (both against self and against others) and co-operative physical activities, in a range of increasingly challenging situations.

In Key Stage 2 -

Pupils should continue to apply and develop a broader range of skills, learning how to use them in different ways and to link them to make actions and sequences of movement. They should enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other. They should develop an understanding of how to improve in different physical activities and sports and learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success.

‘It is fully aligned to the new National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning.’

Real PE website

A priority for us here at Marden Lodge is oracy, and through our motivating and challenging PE curriculum, children are able to develop their oracy skills by evaluating their own and their peers’ performances. 

The Real PE curriculum is delivered over six cogs; each cog focuses on an element of learning and skills, and together, they provide the children with a strong and aspiring foundation from which to build on as they move to secondary school.

The cogs are: Personal, Social, Cognitive, Creative, Physical and Health and Fitness.

Personal – the children can follow instructions and work on simple tasks by themselves before developing their perseverance; reacting positively to challenges and recognising their strengths and weaknesses.

Social – the children learn to work sensibly with others; praising and encouraging them. They show patience and as they develop this cog, they learn to negotiate and collaborate on tasks.

Cognitive – the children can understand and follow simple rules, tactics of attacking and defending and use their spatial awareness to make good decisions. They begin to judge performances; recognising and suggesting patterns of play.

Creative – the children explore movements, patterns and themes in their learning. They have the freedom to make up their own rules and versions of activities to make them more fun and challenging.

Physical – the children perform single skills and movements with control and this develops to performing a range of skills with control and consistency. They explore changes in level, speed and direction and understand what body tension is and how to apply it.

Health and Fitness – the children develop their awareness and understanding of the human body and know why exercise is so important. As they develop this cog, they select and perform appropriate warm up and cool down activities.

Alongside our delivery of Real PE, the children will also get to experience a range of sports throughout Key Stage 2; strengthening and developing their understanding and equipping them with the tools and skills needed for both school and beyond.


Physical development involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control, and movement. Pupils must also be helped to understand the importance of physical activity and to make healthy choices in relation to food.

This curriculum will offer these children a solid base from which their physical activity journey can continue to grow and flourish as they move through the school.

Sports Coach-

Every week our pupils work with a sports coach to develop their skills even further. Fitness is a priorty in these sessions currently. 

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